NBA Work Stoppage: Nobody's Right If Everybody's Wrong

A plague a’ both your houses!”

William Shakespeare

Romeo And Juliet

Monday the USA celebrated the 235th anniversary of the birth of our nation; but alas there was no celebrating in the Association which is now in the fifth day of the NBA Lockout. Just in case you started your holiday partying a little early last week, NBA Team Owners declared a Lockout just after midnight Friday morning after the Owners and the NBA Players Association failed to ratify a new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Lockout so far has only affected the Las Vegas Summer Leagues; which is the first time that teams get to see the players they drafted on June 23, in action as well as the start of Free Agency. However, with the two sides not meeting for at least two to three weeks and the vast difference in what it will take to make both parties satisfied this work-stoppage could go on for quite a long time.

Although the team’s would ideally love to get revenue coming in starting with exhibition games in October; they are not sweating things too much as their expenses during a work-stoppage are extremely low. The NBA Players Association started telling its members to put aside a nest-egg in anticipation of a Lockout this summer, and the smart guys did exactly that. So they can most likely hold out for quite a while before the lack of a paycheck starts to hurt.

It is the fans of the Association who are truly suffering the most right now. The fans of the Association are not supporting the players over the Owners, or are they taking the other side of the equation. They only see two groups of spoiled babies who are holding their collective breath until they get what they desire. To the average NBA fan, it’s millionaires vs billionaires, and neither side is getting their sympathy or their support.

Allowing this to occur after seeing the Lockout during the 1998-1999 campaign hurt the NBA for the next few seasons is not only  bad business wise but it is truly insane; especially when the Association is coming off of a spectacular season. Once again this falls at the feet of NBA Commissioner David Stern who has allowed the ship he commands to once again hit an iceberg. The ship is taking on water big time Commissioner; just how are you planning to keep it from sinking?

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