Rudy Fernandez: Adios NBA Hello Real Madrid?

Dallas Mavericks forward Rudy Fernandez could be heading back to his native Spain in 2012, as the recipient of the most lucrative contract in the history of the Spanish ACB according to a report from “” on Sunday. Spanish publication “Mundo Deportivo” reported Sunday that Real Madrid has offered Fernandez a six-year deal beginning in the 2012-2013 season that would pay the forward $4.35 million per year. That would be the most money ever offered a player in the ACB, which is the most prestigious pro-basketball league in all of Europe.

The Mavericks acquired Fernandez on June 23, as the Portland Trail Blazers traded the forward to the NBA Champions while the NBA Draft was taking place. He has averaged 9.1 points, 2.5 rebounds and 2.2 assists during his three years in the Association. Fernandez will be paid $2.2 million next season, barring a season long work-stoppage. He then would become a restricted Free Agent which would allow him to sign a deal with Real Madrid while remaining a restricted Free Agent in the Association. Because of the current NBA Lockout the Mavericks are barred from having any kind of contact with Fernandez or his agent.

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