Nets Going After D-Howard? That Sounds Like Nonsense

Saturday “” printed an article about New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams deciding to change agencies as he has chosen to sign with Excel Sports Management and Jeff Schwartz will become the guard’s new agent. The Nets acquired Williams this past season from the Utah Jazz and gave up a lot of young talent in the deal including  point guard Devin Harris and power forward Derrick Favors. Williams has two more years on his current contract but can opt out of his deal at the end of next season. Needless to say the team from the “Garden State” want to build their team with the talented guard as one of their cornerstones and want to lock him up long-term.

The report states that New Jersey has not received a firm committment that their star wants to stick with the club but he is a big fan of Nets Team Owner Mikhail Prokhorov. However, as the article concludes the website states that according to their sources close to the club the Nets will try to sign Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard to a deal to convince Williams to stay.

Including Orlando there are most likely 29 franchises in the Association that would do anything that is legal in order to sign Superman; the most dominant man in the pivot of this era. The Nets though happen to have the best center in the NBA not named Dwight Howard; having locked up talented big man Brook Lopez to a long-term pact.

The New Jersey Nets have quite a few holes to fill before they can start to catch up with the young talented teams that will bring excitement to the Eastern Conference over the next few seasons. The thought that they would go after Howard with Lopez on the roster strikes me as ridiculous, unless the club has thoughts about trading the young man with the huge upside. If that is the case then Nets General Manager Billy King is out of his mind.

Mikhail Prokhorov showed this past season that he desperately wants to improve his roster and he was hot to make a trade to speed that process up. The Russian billionaire originally had tried to bring aboard Carmelo Anthony, but when the Denver Nuggets sent Chauncey Billups and Anthony to his neighbors the New York Knicks he then went after Williams. Prokhorov realizes what he has in Lopez, and unless the club is offered a deal he can’t refuse the young talented center will stay on the New Jersey roster. So if D-Howard does decide to leave Orlando, chances are mighty slim of finding him in a Nets uniform any time soon.

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