Cuban Offers Reward For Capture Of Dallas Rapist

During the days of my childhood in the early sixties professional ball players and the men who owned pro-sports teams were looked at as a bunch of good guys and examples of what kids should emulate as they reached adulthood. Times have certainly changed over the years as the perception of players and owners in our current era are far more negative. Most athletes are looked at as overpaid and over pampered while Team Owners are thought to have nothing on their mind except increasing their profit margins.

I have always been a fan of Dallas Mavericks Team Owner Mark Cuban; who in my opinion truly seems to have the best interest of his team and his fans at all times. Wednesday, my admiration for the Mavericks owner increased big time after reading a report from “” stating that he has taken pro-active action in order to bring a criminal to justice.

The night that the Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat in the Finals to win their first NBA Title a young lady who is a fan of the team watched game six in a Dallas area bar. While most Dallas fans were in ecstasy seeing their team win the Larry O’Brien Trophy, the young lady was fighting for her life. On her way home from the bar the woman was beaten, raped and left for dead by her assailant. Miraculously, she survived the assault and is currently trying to recover from the beating.

Cuban heard about the incident and he also was informed that the community had put together a $15,000 reward for the capture of this sad excuse for a human being. The Mavericks Team Owner according to the report has pledged an additional $20,000 out of his pocket to bring this person to justice.

Mark Cuban has no obligation to get involved in this situation or to contribute his own money as part of the reward. Unfortunately I doubt most pro-sports Team Owners would react in a similar fashion if they were faced with the same situation. However Cuban truly appreciates the support he gets from fans of the franchise and he feels this is one way he can repay them for their loyalty. In doing so Cuban has in  my opinion become a true “Role-Model” someone whom children should look up to and aspire to be like him when they grow up.

In a time in our society when we are desperately looking for Heroes in our society; Mark Cuban by showing that he cares about his fans and people in general in my mind is a Hero. Cuban may not be a favorite of NBA Commissioner David Stern, but he is certainly right at the top in my book! Thanks Mark for setting a great example for all who live in this great nation of ours.

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