NBA Overtime Editor Jeff Sack Will Be Guest On Unsigned Tuesday Night

How did your favorite team in the Association do last Thursday night in the 2011 NBA Draft? Is a Lockout in the NBA this Friday a sure thing; or are there other alternatives that NBA Team Owners and Commissioner David Stern could choose instead? Will Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James ever win back the admiration of basketball fans after lashing out at them at the post-game press conference after the Heat were defeated in the NBA Finals?

Tuesday night at 9:00 pm, join NBA OVERTIME Editor Jeff Sack as he once again is a guest of Ryan Hillier on his podcast UNSIGNED and these are just a few of the topics they will touch on as the NBA begins an off-season that could prove to be very critical for the long-term health of the Association. Will we see a work-stoppage on Friday or will Stern call for negotiations to carry on? How will the lack of an NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement effect Free Agency as well as the young men selected in the Draft last Thursday? Which new coaches in the NBA will have success at their new home and which will find nothing but failure?

Join host Ryan Hillier and his special guest Jeff Sack this Tuesday, June 28, at 9:00 pm for UNSIGNED as the pair have an in-depth discussion on the NBA.

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