Spurs Reportedly Exploring Options To Trade Tony Parker

When the San Antonio Spurs were upset in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs by the eighth seeded Memphis Grizzlies they fielded  a starting lineup that featured just one player under the age of 30. According to a report emanating from “Yahoo Sports” Tuesday night the team that ended the regular season with the best record in the Western Conference is in  the midst of discussions about the possibility of trading that one starter under the age of 30. That would be San Antonio starting point guard Tony Parker who led the team in scoring during the regular season and was the club’s second leading scorer during their brief time in the Playoffs.

According to the report the Spurs have had conversations with the Toronto Raptors who currently own the fifth pick as well as the Sacramento Kings who have the seventh selection in Thursday’s NBA Draft. The report also states that they have had conversations with the Denver Nuggets about working out a deal  that would send Raymond Felton to the Spurs in exchange for the All-Star Parker although more players would have to be included by the Nuggets to make it work.

Parker may now be looked at with a jaundiced eye by Spurs head coach Dave Popovich after he told French reporters that he thought the glory days for San Antonio were through after they were eliminated by the Grizzlies. Parker has since apologized for those statements, but there is no telling the damage he did to his relationship with the Spurs by making those statements.

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