Stan Van Gundy Says He Has No Sympathy For LeBron

Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy was a guest on radio station 790 the Ticket in Miami appearing on “The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz” talking about the recently completed NBA Finals. Of course the conversation turned to Miami Heat forward LeBron James who ended his season ranting at the fans who did not support his team or himself after the Heat were defeated in the Finals by the Dallas Mavericks.

Van Gundy was asked by the hosts whether the All-Star forward had been treated fairly by the media. Van Gundy responded “That’s an interesting question. He’s been covered in great volume, which generally if you get that kind of attention will lead to some exaggeration at times both ways. Maybe at times they are making you greater than you are and at times trying to say that you’re not as good as you really are, but I think the biggest things about LeBron’s coverage and the Heat’s coverage in general is just in extreme volume. There’s probably not a team, certainly not a team in our sport that has generated that kind of interest in a long, long, time and maybe not in any sport.”

The Magic bench boss was then asked if he felt any sympathy for the former NBA MVP. He replied “No I can’t say that. Look I’m not the most empathetic person in the world anyway, but look first of all it’s sports. The thing that would make me feel bad for somebody was some personal issue. I’m not going to feel bad that you are struggling on a basketball court because you only get to within two wins of a championship. Come on there was nothing to feel sorry for. I got a little tired I’ll admit of the whole everybody hates us routine. I thought first of all it’s not true. Okay it’s the same as the Yankees type of thing. There’s just a lot of people interested, so there may be more people who dislike you. There are also more people that like you. There’s a great deal of interest. Second of all they brought it on…LeBron more than anybody. They brought all that scrutiny and attention on yourself. You went out seeking it then don’t cry in the face of it. That to me got to be a very tiresome story line.”

I am not a fan of Stan Van Gundy as I believe he gets too caught up looking for justice for the Magic and should be more concerned with keeping his own house in order rather than worry about others perceptions. However, I have to say I agree with what the Orlando head coach stated about James and the Heat. The story line did get old and they put the glare of the spotlight on themselves.

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