NBA Rumors Flying Fast And Furious Across The Media

This is the crazy time of the year for those of us who cover the NBA as well as for fans of the Association. It seems like every 20 seconds or so yet another rumor about a possible trade pops up on the Internet, TV, radio or your daily newspaper. Unfortunately many of these rumors are nothing more than a writer throwing stuff against the wall and hoping that it sticks. There is a segment of the sports media that operate that way and then when they finally hit on something they crow about it as loud  as they can. Then they conveniently forget about the 900 bogus reports that they also filed. I am not about to throw any of my peers under the bus; however their reputations speak for themselves.

Monday there was a published report that the Cleveland Cavaliers were shopping the fourth pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft which  I found to be quite odd. Tuesday there were reports that Cleveland was trying to package their two second round picks to get a third selection in the first round. Monday the Internet was abuzz with rumors of a trade that would send Pau Gasol from the Lakers to the T-Wolves for Kevin Love; a deal that representatives from both teams said had absolutely no credence what so ever.

There is a school of thought in today’s age that the most important thing is getting the story first and accuracy takes a back seat. I was taught as a radio reporter that before I go with a story I need three verifiable sources and I have continued to keep that as my standard since I started writing. I hate reading false  stories so there is no  way I will subject my readers to that if I can avoid it.

The 2011 NBA Draft takes place this Thursday and chances are that you will hear about a trade involving your favorite team before the Draft occurs. Most likely that trade will never come to fruition and the writer will never apologize for being inaccurate. As an NBA fan  just take everything with a grain of salt  and don’t believe anything until it is confirmed.

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