Hope You Like Our New Look!

We have undergone a makeover here at NBA Overtime and hopefully it meets with your approval. In less than two months of existence we have seen our reader base grow at an amazing rate. Whether you have followed me from other stops along the way or you are reading me for the first time; I want to thank you for inviting me into your home. There are so many choices of where you can go to get your information about the Association, so it is truly appreciated that you have decided to stop here.

I have covered the NBA as a reporter since 1995 and have been a fan of the Association since the early sixties. I have seen a lot of basketball over the years and the NBA has been my favorite sport since I was a little guy. However as you have seen that does not restrict me from criticizing players, owners or the Association itself when needed. When an issue bothers me I am not shy about expressing my problems with it.

There will be times when you agree with what I write and others when you think I must have come from the Planet Xenon. However you will never walk away bored and you will always receive my honest assessment. I am also not afraid to admit when I am wrong which I realize is a rarity in the media today.

So thanks for coming and please stick around as we have just scratched the surface at NBA Overtime. If we are not already then we aim to become Your Number One Source For NBA Information.

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