NBA Extends Invite To 15 Players To Sit In Green Room During NBA Draft

The Association has extended invitations to 15 players that will allow they and their families to sit in the Green Room during the 2011 NBA Draft   according to a report from ““.  The Green Room is a private room reserved for the most likely top selections in the Draft which takes place June 23. The selected players and their families will gather there away from the crowds while waiting for their names to be called by the NBA teams that are in the Lottery.

The players selected are thought to have the greatest chance of being early selections in the opinion of the Association. They are: Kyrie Irving (Duke); Derrick Williams (Arizona); Enes Kanter (Turkey); Brandon Knight (Kentucky); Kemba Walker (UConn); Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuania); Jan Vesely (Czech Republic); Kawhi Leonard (San Diego St.); Chris Singleton (Florida St.); Klay Thompson (Washington St.); Tristan Thompson (Texas); Jimmer Fredette (BYU); Marcus Morris (Kansas); Markieff Morris (Kansas); and Alec Burks (Colorado). Not invited Bismack Biyombo  the 6’9″ power forward from Congo who has been mentioned often as a possible lottery pick.

The first four players listed have been perceived to be locks to be the top four players selected for the past few weeks. The Cleveland Cavaliers who own the first and fourth picks in the Draft are thought to be leaning towards selecting Irving; although Association sources state the team has not ruled out taking Wildcats forward Derrick Williams. If they do decide to go with Williams they most  assuredly would select the point guard out of Kentucky, Brandon Knight. If they select Irving they would then most likely select Kanter at number four.

The “Wild-Card” in the Draft will be the Minnesota Timberw0lves who pick second in the Draft. They really have no need for Irving or Williams as they are well stocked at both positions. The team is said to have great interest in Kanter but most NBA observers believe he will be a reach at number two. There has been speculation since the NBA Draft Lottery was held that the T-Wolves could trade the pick.

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