Rubio Says He Will Announce Future On Friday

An old friend sent me a message on Facebook asking me what the big deal was with Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio. This was my response: “He played very well against Team USA in the 2008 Olympics and has helped FC Barcelona win a Spanish League Title. He also is a good-looking kid who is adored by the girls in Spain like a pop-star. However, I think the reason MOST people care about this situation is because the T-Wolves used their pick in 2009 after Rubio’s people said he would play in Spain the next season. The T-Wolves as you are well aware ended up in last place this past season, because of moves like that and others that their “BRAIN-TRUST” (using the word very loosely) have made the past few years. At this point all he truly has is potential, so he is really in the same boat as Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams.”

After conflicting reports over the past few days it appears that Rubio will announce on Friday that he is leaving FC Barcelona and will finally sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves the team that drafted him with the fifth selection in the 2009 NBA Draft. Rubio on Thursday sent a tweet on his Twitter account in Spanish saying “Goodnight everyone. Tomorrow morning I give a press conference to say my future. A hug and see you tomorrow.”” is reporting that their sources are stating that Rubio will announce Friday morning that he has reached an agreement with FC Barcelona on him buying out the last year of his contract which will according top reports cost him $1.5 million and will become a member of the T-Wolves. Minnesota is allowed under NBA by-lines to contribute $500,000.

Earlier this month there were reports that a source claimed Rubio would be playing in the upcoming season for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The source had requested to remain anonymous because Rubio’s team FC Barcelona were still competing in the Euro-League Playoffs. The “Pioneer Press” reported on Wednesday that the player who was selected fifth in the 2009 NBA Draft by the T-Wolves left the door open for him staying in Spain with his comments. Rubio told reporters “We are talking with Barcelona and we will soon see.”

If the reports are indeed correct that means that Rubio worked out an agreement with FC Barcelona to grant him his freedom to play in the NBA. Rubio is 20 years old and helped his team win the Spanish League Title over Bilbao on Tuesday night.

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