Amar'e Stoudemire Bothered By James Post-Finals Remarks

Four days after Miami Heat All-Star forward LeBron James lashed out at fans after the Miami Heat lost the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks Sunday night reaction is still coming in from all corners of the Association. James teammate in the past All-Star game New York Knicks power-forward Amar’e Stoudemire in an interview with the “New York Times” said that the Miami star should have handled himself far differently when talking with the media after the final game of the match-up.

James used the post-game session as a vehicle to rip into fans who were rooting against Miami to win the NBA Title. The former Cleveland Cavaliers player said “All the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal, but they have to get back to the real world at some point.”

Stoudemire told the paper “I think you have to conduct yourself in way that people can relate to you. Everybody has their own way of commenting on things, but I would have commented differently. One thing about Michael Jordan was that no matter how great he was and how much of a platform he stood on, he still related to all the hard workers out there in the world. I think LeBron is still young and there is still time for him to reconnect with the public.”

Ironically Amar’e is just two years older than James, as Stoudemire is 28, while James is 26-years-old. However by his comments Stoudemire is far more emotionally mature than the insecure former NBA MVP.

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