What A Dope! Nate Robinson Busted For Urinating In Public

NBA players usually do not start acting like fools until the summer, however Oklahoma City reserve guard Nate Robinson decided to get a head start on his peers early Friday morning. The “Associated Press” has reported that Robinson was arrested at 2:00am EDT Friday after he decided he could no longer restrain himself and urinated on the street outside of a White Plains, New York bookstore. If you have never been to White Plains, it is a well to do bedroom community outside of New York City where that type of behavior is frowned upon severely. The former member of the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics was hustled to police headquarters and given a summons to go to trial on June 22. A police spokesman stated that the punishment for the act is usually a $50.00 fine.

Robinson took to his Twitter account and issued an apology to the fans. He promised that he would never repeat the act and he also stated that it was a “silly mistake.”

I am truly curious as to how Robinson explains his actions as a mistake? Did he think that he was truly in a bathroom? Or perhaps he thought he was out camping in the wild and he thought that the bookstore was just a grove of trees? Nate; it was a stupid and thoughtless act but for the life of me I can not figure out how you are calling it a mistake. No matter what state you happened to be in at the time you had to be aware of what you were doing, right?

Brian Frachinni speaking for the Thunder said that the team would not issue a comment at this time. Most certainly Commissioner David Stern will have something to say about it in the not too distant future and Robinson will most likely be punished by the Association’s Front Office.

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