Iverson Wants To Play In The NBA Next Season

He is back in the USA, he says he is healthy and he wants to play next season in the NBA. After playing this past season in Turkey former NBA All-Star guard Allen Iverson would like to be back on the roster of a team in the Association come next fall. Iverson in an interview with “Slam Magazine” said that he is recovered from surgery on his leg that ended his season in Turkey and wants to be back on the hardwood for an NBA team in the fall. The veteran guard told the magazine “Not playing this year in the League, it humbled me a whole lot. Because I’m a basketball player and I was taken away and not able to play on the biggest stage there is. It had me thinking a lot just about how to handle situations better than I had. I had to learn that this thing can be taken away from you.”

Iverson now admits that his conduct in his last couple of seasons in the Association made him undesirable to a lot of teams. However, he is now ready to return to the NBA in any capacity, unlike in 2010 when he left the Memphis Grizzlies because they would not put him in the starting lineup. He said “I want to finish my career out in the NBA, if that’s possible. And that’s in any capacity. I did a lot of things, I made a lot of mistakes as far as my actions and things that I’ve said, and I think that was the reason for me not being in the NBA. My whole thing now in trying to get back is letting any organization know that I’m willing to play any part that they want me to play.”

There was no doubt last summer that the veteran could have been an asset to a team in the Association but fears about his attitude kept teams away from the former NBA MVP. If Iverson is truly sincere in his statements then he could most likely still be a help to a team in the upcoming campaign. From what Iverson told the magazine it appears that he did a lot of growing up over the past year. If that is the case then Iverson could ride off happily into the sunset possibly with an NBA Championship ring in his possession.

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