Rambis Wants To Know If He Will Coach T-Wolves Next Season

Since the end of the regular season Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Kurt Rambis has kept his frustrations to himself while he has been stuck in limbo. Although it has been over six weeks since the completion of the campaign Rambis still does not know if he will be back on the bench for the T-Wolves next season. The “Star Tribune” has reported that Friday the Minnesota bench boss spoke to reporters about his situation and told media members that he would not treat an employee in the same manner. Rambis said “It’s not how I would handle it, no…I think everybody has reasons for why they conduct their business in the way they want to conduct their business. If you’re asking me if that’s what I’d do, no. That’s not how I would handle things, but everybody’s different.”

Rambis still has two years remaining on his contract but has had little contact with Timberwolves Team President David Kahn since the end of the season. He was also left behind as the team went to Chicago to attend pre-draft camp which took place two weeks ago.

Rambis told media members that until he is told that he is no longer employed he will plan on being back on the bench next season. The former NBA player said “The way I see it, I’m doing my job. I’m still the coach of this team until something happens so I’ve got to be watching for talent, doing whatever I can to help this team get better. It’s out of my control. There’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to proceed as I am and do my job. These are workouts I feel like I should be at. In my mind’s eye, nothing’s changed. I’m still doing the same things now that I was doing last summer in getting ready for camp and the season and looking at players and what we can do to get better.”

The T-Wolves bench boss received a four-year contract by the team in 2009. Minnesota finished with the worst record in the Association this season ending with a mark of 17-65.

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