Mike Brown Introduced As Lakers New Bench Boss

The Los Angeles Lakers introduced their new head coach Mike Brown to the media on Tuesday according to a report published by the “Los Angeles Times” and the new bench boss told those in attendance that his mission is to maintain the team’s spot among the elite clubs in the Association. The former head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers told reporters “My goal is to continue the course and continue to help build upon the very strong championship foundation that has been laid here already. I have great respect for Phil Jackson and all his accomplishments. I don’t know what size shoe he wears, but I’m not looking to fill his shoes. My responsibility for the Los Angeles Lakers is to provide a platform for this organization to achieve maximum success. I’ll define the culture. I’ll define roles and I’ll hold people accountable.”

Brown told the media that he has spoken with Lakers All-Star guard Kobe Bryant and he said “I thought the meeting in person as well as conversations on the phone went very well. This is still his team. Kobe is Kobe. He has five titles and is one of the greatest ever. His role will not change. We’ll make sure he’ll have the ball in the sweet spots he likes to have it.”

The Lakers chose Brown who had been the Cavaliers head coach for five seasons as the man to replace former coach Phil Jackson who had retired earlier this month after the team was swept in the second round of the NBA Finals. Bryant had publicly endorsed Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw during the campaign as his choice to become the club’s next head coach. Shortly after Brown was hired Kobe was contacted by reporters and he said that he had no comment on the hiring.

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