Players Seek Injunction To Stop Lockout From National Labor Relations Board

The NBA Players Association in a pre-emptive move to avoid a lockout by NBA Team Owners this summer filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board asking them to grant an injunction to prevent a lockout from occurring. “” reported that the claim was filed on Tuesday accusing NBA Team Owners of unfair business practices. The claim states that the owners basically have a “classic ‘take it or leave it'” attitude and the Association is “making harsh, inflexible, and grossly regressive ‘takeaway’ demands that the NBA knows are not acceptable to the Union.”

The move by the Players Association comes in the wake of the latest proposal from NBA Team Owners which among other concessions wants a hard salary cap in place as well as a vast reduction that players would be paid on existing contracts. The Association has not commented on their reaction by the players actions on Tuesday. Both sides are scheduled to engage in more negotiations during the NBA Finals.

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