Former Cavaliers Star Craig Ehlo Arrested On Multiple Charges

The name Craig Ehlo is still well-known in Cleveland, if for nothing more than allowing former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan to score “THE SHOT” against the Cleveland Cavaliers, knocking the Cavaliers out of the first round of the 1989 NBA Playoffs, when they expected to go deep into the Post Season. That started a precedent for both teams, as the Bulls won a boat-load of Larry O’Brien Trophies, while Cleveland never made it past the Eastern Conference Finals. Despite being posterized by Jordan, Ehlo was a productive player for Cleveland, playing for the squad from 1986-1993. He would end up playing 14-seasons in the Association with four-different clubs.

The former swing-player’s name has not been mentioned prominently in the news for a while, however he made headlines on Thursday morning, after being arrested outside his home near Spokane, Washington. “The Spokesman-Review” reported that Ehlo was arrested and booked on two separate charges, domestic violence and first-degree reckless burning, which is a Felony in the state.

According to the paper, Ehlo and his wife were involved in a domestic dispute at home on Wednesday night and carried into Thursday morning. After the fight was over family members told deputies on the scene, heard unfamiliar sounds emanating near the garage. When they went out to investigate the source of the noise, they discovered that Ehlo had pulled a big pile of clothes out of the garage and had set them on fire.

When the deputies arrived on the scene, two men had pinned the former NBA player to the ground, they told the law-enforcement officials that they kept him on the ground fearing Ehlo was going to jump into the blaze.

The 51-year-old had been an assistant-coach at Eastern Washington University, the past two seasons, but resigned his post on July 11. There has been no public speculation if the two events have any connection.

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AK-47 Says Nets Are “The Best Option Possible”

Is there anything more frustrating in life, then when you do something for all the right reasons and them some “FRICKIN PUD” questions your motives? As far as Your Old Pal New York Vinnie is concerned, there are not too many things that make my blood boil quicker than that. However New York Vinnie has been around long enough to realize that what ever you do, there is going to be some nit-wit out there that will question your motives. That is most likely, because those “PUDS” have never done a thing to help anybody but themselves.

New York Vinnie has always been competitive and I admire that quality in others, but there are times you have to step back from the situation and question what makes the most sense in the grand scheme of things. The older you get, the more you realize that the big picture matters a lot more than individual glory, or at least it should if you catch New York Vinnie’s Drift.

The career of an NBA player goes by in a heart-beat, one second you are that fresh-faced rookie and the next you are a grizzled veteran. It has to be mind-blowing for these guys to start the second half of their life in their mid-thirties, for those who invested the right way, they can just kick back for the rest of their life.

When a guy is 19-22-years-old, he is filled with hope and optimism and thinks he can take on the world. However when a basketball player reaches his early thirties, he knows his time is running out before he has to hang up his high-tops for good. Everybody loves money, but it won’t buy you an NBA Championship ring; unless you get it at a Pawn Store. Continue reading

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Simply Despicable, Rockets Terrence Jones Busted For Harassing Homeless Man

NBA observers are well aware that summer does not officially arrive until a player is in an incident, that brings shame to him, his team and the Association. Summer this year arrived on the last day of July, as the “Houston Chronicle” has reported that Rockets forward Terrence Jones was arrested early Wednesday morning in Portland, Oregon charged with harassing a homeless man. According to a spokesperson for the Portland police department, the former Kentucky player saw two homeless men sleeping in a doorway, shouted “Wake Up,” then stomped on one of the men’s legs.

Jones was arrested at about 2:00 am PDT and charged with harassment, which is a “Class B” misdemeanor, then released without posting bail about four hours later. The player heading into his second NBA campaign, will be in court next Tuesday to face the charges lodged against him. The victim 46-year-old Daniel John Lellerher, was bruised but did not need medical attention at the time of the arrest.

Regular readers of this page are well aware that I believe, if you allow your child to have a pro-athlete as their role-model, than you are a lousy parent. This cold and callous behavior that Jones displayed on Wednesday, is just the latest example of these young men feeling they have a sense of entitlement. That their athletic talent puts them above the laws that we mere mortals live by. Enabled by the system and by society, to believe that they can do what ever they please without ever facing ramifications.

How low does one truly have to be to literally kick someone when they are at their lowest point? Did Terrence Jones feel more like a man after committing the act? Does he have any idea how blessed he is to have the skills that he has and should be set for life financially because of them? What will be his next act, stealing candy from an infant, or pulling the wings off of flies?

This is the last season that David Stern will be the NBA Commissioner and I hope he sets a strong precedent when it comes to disciplining the Rockets forward. Although, I would like to see Jones suspended for next season, Stern has to punish the big man strongly enough, that it will send a message to all other players that the Association will not tolerate such despicable behavior from their players.

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A Trade Of Two Brandons, Bucks Send Jennings To Pistons For Knight

The “Detroit Free-Press,” reported late Tuesday night that the Milwaukee Bucks and Detroit Pistons are nearing completion on a deal that will send Brandon Jennings to the “Motor City,” in return for Pistons starting point guard Brandon Knight and two big men entering their second season in the Association. According to the paper’s sources, Milwaukee will sign their restricted Free Agent to a multi-year pact and then send him to Detroit in exchange for Knight, small forward Khris Middleton and center Slava Kravtsov.

Jennings came to national attention when he decided to play in Italy after high-school rather than spending the year in the NCAA. He was selected by Milwaukee with the tenth pick of the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft. Milwaukee had made an offer to their guard before this past season, rejected by the player and his agent.

The Pistons brain-trust are hoping that Jennings along with small forward Josh Smith, who they signed earlier in the month will help the franchise accelerate their growth-curve, along with their promising big men Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. Jennings will also be able to learn from two of the best point-guards in the history of the Association, in teammate Chauncey Billups as well as new Detroit bench boss Maurice Cheeks.

Knight, who has shown talent as he enters his third NBA campaign will most likely team-up with Milwaukee’s Free Agent acquisition O.J. Mayo, as the starting back-court for the rebuilding Bucks. The squad also will have a new head coach as Larry Drew will run the team on the floor after being dismissed by the Atlanta Hawks.

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Rockets Hope For Boost As Camby Heads Back To Houston

Mission Control in Houston has been a hub of activity, so far this summer. Although NASA remains in a state of suspended animation, there will be a rocket taking flight in October and they added some booster-fuel for their trip on Sunday. The “Houston Chronicle” has reported that veteran Free Agent big man Marcus Camby, will be back with the Rockets, a year after the team sent him to the New York Knicks in a sign-and-trade deal.

Camby became a Free Agent earlier this month after he was sent to the Toronto Raptors, in a trade that put Andrea Bargnani in a Knicks uniform. The Raptors then bought out the rest of Camby’s contract, allowing the veteran to sign on with another club. The big man played 19 games for Houston in the 2011-2012 campaign, after being traded to the team from the Portland Trail Blazers. He started 13 games that season, however he will be coming off the bench in the upcoming campaign, as the Rockets signed All-Star center Dwight Howard to a long-term pact.

Although injury limited his time on the floor for the Knicks, the 17-year veteran can still be an effective weapon off the bench, both offensively and defensively. He will also bring leadership into the clubhouse, as the Rockets hope to go all the way to the NBA Finals next season.

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Pacers Fortify Bench In Trade With Suns For Luis Scola

The Indiana Pacers gave the Miami Heat all they could handle, before ultimately falling in the Eastern Conference Finals this past spring. Saturday the “Indianapolis Star” reported that the franchise strengthened their front-court and their bench acquiring big man Luis Scola from the Phoenix Suns. The Pacers sent Phoenix, forward Gerald Green, second-year big man Miles Plumlee and a Lottery protected first-round draft choice in the 2014 NBA Draft. The native of Argentina, is expected to play off the bench in the upcoming campaign, giving center Roy Hibbert or forward David West a breather during the action.

Scola has primarily been a starter in his six-seasons in the Association, playing his first five years with the Houston Rockets, before the team released him via the NBA Amnesty Clause last summer. He has averaged 14.2 points, 7.5 rebounds and 1.9 assists per contest in his NBA career. The big man said in a statement on Saturday “I’m very, very excited to play for the Pacers. They are one of the top three teams in the NBA with a good shot to win a championship. I think it’s a great team and this is a great opportunity. I can’t wait.”

Pacers President Larry Bird also issued a statement on the deal. Bird said “(Scola) has NBA experience, international experience and is the type of player that will fit in nicely on our roster. I want to thank Gerald and Miles for their contributions. They had tough years last season, but worked hard, never complained and contributed to the great chemistry our team had. I think Gerald and Miles will be solid additions in Phoenix and we wish them well.”

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Nets Aren’t Chumps Anymore

What Is Shaking Pro Hoops Central? Your Old Pal New York Vinnie is back to talk some hoops, after an extended absence if you Catch New York Vinnie’s Drift! The power has started to shift around the NBA over the last couple of months, as some of the Old Guard fall by the wayside and some of the former bums have finally improved. Suddenly the Clippers have become the hot-squad in Los Angeles, while the Lakers seem to have their heads up their behinds. Although MY BOYS, the New York Knicks will still be in the hunt to win the Atlantic Division Crown, it is not going to be a cake-walk as a certain team in Brooklyn is going to be in the mix.

All of a sudden the “FRICKIN” Nets look impressive as they head into training camp in October, bringing in three veterans who know how to win NBA Titles, as well as rookie head coach who also sports a Championship ring. New York Vinnie told you when Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov bought the club that he meant business and he is putting together a team to go for all the marbles. The Nets may have hired the next great coach in the NBA, as they signed former all-Star point guard Jason Kidd to run the squad on the floor.

J-Kidd has been a coach in the making for years, as MY MAN reads the court as well as anyone playing in the NBA today. He is a natural leader as we Knicks fans saw up close this past season, as Kidd ended his career with New York Vinnie’s BOYS. He already has a strong relationship with Brooklyn’s starting point, Deron Williams and he should be able to help his player recover from a poor year this past season. A former teammate of the coach’s will be on his roster, as he reunites with former Mavericks Sixth Man Jason Terry.

Along with Joe Johnson and talented young center Brook Lopez, Brooklyn is going to be loaded with two heavy-duty veterans courtesy of a trade with the Boston Celtics. Although neither player is still in their prime forwards Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce still have enough left in the tank to help the Nets make and possibly win their first NBA Finals. They will have even more fire-power off the pine as they signed AK-47, Andrei Kirilenko who still can make it rain treys.

New York Vinnie is not conceding this race to any team, as “MY BOYS” added Andrea Bargnani and Metta World Peace in the past few weeks, which means Amar’e will be coming off the bench. However, with Boston dropping back into the pack, the team from Brooklyn will be heard from next season.

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Wizards And Wall Talk Max Deal

The Washington Wizards have not made a lot of smart moves over the last few years, however they do have a starting back-court that is capable of being one of the best in the Association. The “Washington Post” is reporting that the franchise is negotiating with point guard John Wall on a max-deal contract that would keep him in the Nation’s Capital until 2019. The former Kentucky player was selected by Washington with the first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. If the two sides reach a deal the 22-year-old point guard would get a reported five-year pact worth $80 million.

Although the Wizards are still far away from even contending for a Playoff slot; any chance of success has to be centered around Wall and shooting guard Bradley Beal, the third pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Even though Wall missed 33 games this past season due to injury, it was still his best campaign in his three-years in the NBA, as he averaged 18.5 points, 7.6 assists and 4.0 rebounds per contest. He has averaged 16.9 points, 8.0 assists and 4.4 rebounds for his career. Beal played in 56-games, starting 46 and  averaged 13.9 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists in his rookie year.

The two sides have until October 31, to terms, otherwise Wall would become a restricted Free Agent on July 1, of next year.

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Sixers Begin Long Road Back To Respectability

After going through the last few campaigns trying to keep their roster together with Band-Aids and duct-tape, the Philadelphia 76ers have entered full rebuild mode since the end of the past season. As of July 24, 2013, they still are without a bench boss for the squad, with the beginning of training camp slightly more than two months away. The franchise’s new general manager Sam Hinkie, realized that his squad needed to take a few steps back, to become legitimate contenders once again in the Association’s Eastern Conference. So last month the executive rolled the dice, giving up an All-Star point guard, for an injured, unproven big man, who could turn out to become a force for years to come in the NBA.

Hinkie realized that even if the team that he inherited played it’s best injury-free basketball, they would be fortunate to make the NBA Playoffs and their stay in the Post Season would be brief. Sixers fans have witnessed far too much greatness from their club, to settle for sustained mediocrity. So the man who came to the franchise from the Houston Rockets front office, agreed to a trade on the night of the NBA Draft, that sent Jrue Holiday to the New Orleans Pelicans and received the number six pick in the draft Kentucky big man Nerlens Noel in return.

Even though Noel had surgery in February to repair a torn ACL in his left knee, most NBA observers still expected the big man to be taken with the first pick of last month’s draft, but the Cleveland Cavaliers chose to go with UNLV forward Anthony Bennett instead. Although reports on his progress in rehab have all been positive, concern about the injury caused four more teams about the injury to pass on him.

After thinking they had acquired their franchise center of the future last summer, as they acquired former Los Angeles Lakers All-Star big man Andrew Bynum in a multi-team deal, they were back at square one a year later. Chronic knee pain had kept Bynum on the bench all season and he walked away as a Free Agent on July 1, signing an incentive-laden deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Philadelphia decided that the positives that Noel could bring to the team outweighed the risks and the fact that it would be awhile before he is ready to play in the Association.

The team introduced their new big man to the media on Tuesday according to a report from “” and Hinkie acknowledged that if the center was healthy, he never would be showing off his new Sixers uniform. The general manager responded “It’s surely a factor. If it wasn’t a factor, we wouldn’t have been able to get him. I will say that for sure. We wouldn’t have been able to get him with the sixth pick. So we feel fortunate about that.”

Even though Noel is months away from playing, Hinkie could not hide his excitement in talking about his new player on Tuesday. He said “We are excited to add Nerlens to our team. Rim protectors are at a real premium in our league right now. Athletic players have always been at a premium; Nerlens is both. Nerlens is a guy that brings it every possession that he is on the floor and is constantly trying to protect the rim as drivers attack, and is a guy who we think will fit the style of play that we hope to play here in Philadelphia.”

Best case scenario would be Noel getting medical clearance to start practicing in December or January, with him being activated after the All-Star break. However, there is a strong possibility the rookie will not see the floor in a game for the entire campaign, he is a long-term investment for the franchise. If he can start showing the skills on the court that he did for the Wildcats in the 2014-2015 campaign, Sam Hinkie will receive praise in Philadelphia for years to come.

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The Oden Comeback, Recruitment Time

Free Agent center Greg Oden is still only 25-years-old, as he attempts to jump-start his NBA career again this summer. However, the number one pick of the 2007 NBA Draft, has faced enough adversity for a man three times his age, trying to play the game he loves with a body that has been unable to withstand the stress. Since entering the Association he has been plagued by injuries, keeping him on the sidelines since early December, 2009. He has been active for only two seasons, playing a total of 82-contests before being released by the team that drafted him, the Portland Trail Blazers last summer.

Unless he made a string of terrible investments or partied like a rock-star far too often; the big man should be in great financial shape and leave money for his grandchildren when he eventually passes. However, he does not want to give up his dream of playing in the Association, so after taking this past season off he is offering his talents to the squad he feels he fits best on.

Yahoo Sports” has reported that Oden had meetings with five franchises and scheduled to meet with one more. The center has already spoken with the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings as well as the San Antonio Spurs. The website’s sources are stating that he will meet with the New Orleans Pelicans later this week. That source also claims that the Pelicans are willing to pay the former Ohio State University player $3 million for the upcoming and three other squads will likely present similar deals to Oden and his agent.

The big has shown flashes of what he can become, but those moments are too few and too far between. If he can play injury-free, can he become anything like the player projected to be when he left the NCAA to join the Show? With two knees having undergone micro-fracture surgeries, that is not likely to be the player that takes the court in October. However any NBA observer has to respect his attempt; to capture his dream

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