Yo Shabazz, You Got To Follow The Rules In The NBA

Once again it is time for Your Old Pal New York Vinnie, to talk about the newest “FRICKIN PUD” in the NBA Shabazz Muhammad, the guard that the Minnesota Timberwolves selected with the number 14 pick in the draft this past June. The rookie finds himself in a kettle of boiling water, after being sent home after violating the rules of the NBA Rookie Transition Program earlier this week. According to “USA Today Sports,” the NBA busted Muhammad after sneaking a girl into his room on Tuesday night, which is not permitted during the event. Rookies had all the rules explained to them, just a few hours before Shabazz decided to play by his own rules.

If all this sounds vaguely familiar to you, you probably recall when “BUZZ-BOY Beasley” also known as the second pick in the 2008 draft, forward Michael Beasley got in trouble. “BUZZ-BOY” got in Dutch when he pulled out the weed and started toking during his time in the program, earning the ire of “The Great And Powerful Stern” and having to attend the program once again the following season. Beasley’s career has never quite recovered from the dim-wit move and the promise he showed before he was drafted has been lacking in his career, if you catch New York Vinnie’s drift.

Now in the big scheme of things, you are thinking that sneaking a girl into your room during this event is pretty harmless and New York Vinnie would not disagree with you. Except for the fact that “MY MAN” Shabazz broke the “FRICKIN RULES,” regardless if they were fair or not. You are working for the NBA Shabazz and you just made a lousy first impression to your new bosses.

Speaking of “FRICKIN PUDS,” one moron who loves controversy is Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes. Even though he is not on the same team as Muhammad, Barnes stuck-up for the rookie on his Twitter Account. For some unknown reason the veteran ripped the NBA and said that the rookie had every right to have that woman in his room. Barnes has to know that a fine from the NBA will soon be levied against him and New York Vinnie believes this half-wit deserves it for sticking his nose where it does not belong. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you; especially when it is none of your “FRICKIN BUSINESS.”

Yo Barnes, you are correct Shabazz will enter the NBA with a bad rap, but he only has himself to blame. If he couldn’t do without a little “Scratch and Tickle” for a few days, how is he going to keep up his focus to become a success in the NBA? Shabazz, take some advice from Your Old Pal New York Vinnie, apologize and be a Boy Scout in the upcoming season; it will pay off for you later on!

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