Simply Despicable, Rockets Terrence Jones Busted For Harassing Homeless Man

NBA observers are well aware that summer does not officially arrive until a player is in an incident, that brings shame to him, his team and the Association. Summer this year arrived on the last day of July, as the “Houston Chronicle” has reported that Rockets forward Terrence Jones was arrested early Wednesday morning in Portland, Oregon charged with harassing a homeless man. According to a spokesperson for the Portland police department, the former Kentucky player saw two homeless men sleeping in a doorway, shouted “Wake Up,” then stomped on one of the men’s legs.

Jones was arrested at about 2:00 am PDT and charged with harassment, which is a “Class B” misdemeanor, then released without posting bail about four hours later. The player heading into his second NBA campaign, will be in court next Tuesday to face the charges lodged against him. The victim 46-year-old Daniel John Lellerher, was bruised but did not need medical attention at the time of the arrest.

Regular readers of this page are well aware that I believe, if you allow your child to have a pro-athlete as their role-model, than you are a lousy parent. This cold and callous behavior that Jones displayed on Wednesday, is just the latest example of these young men feeling they have a sense of entitlement. That their athletic talent puts them above the laws that we mere mortals live by. Enabled by the system and by society, to believe that they can do what ever they please without ever facing ramifications.

How low does one truly have to be to literally kick someone when they are at their lowest point? Did Terrence Jones feel more like a man after committing the act? Does he have any idea how blessed he is to have the skills that he has and should be set for life financially because of them? What will be his next act, stealing candy from an infant, or pulling the wings off of flies?

This is the last season that David Stern will be the NBA Commissioner and I hope he sets a strong precedent when it comes to disciplining the Rockets forward. Although, I would like to see Jones suspended for next season, Stern has to punish the big man strongly enough, that it will send a message to all other players that the Association will not tolerate such despicable behavior from their players.

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