Pro Hoops Central NBA Roundup: Free Agent Mania!

Andrei Kirilenko

Welcome to Pro Hoops Central NBA Roundup: Free Agent Mania!

While it is true that since the Dwight Howard signing things have slowed down a bit, there were some NBA free agent transactions that went down Thursday.

  • Brooklyn has an AK-47 to add to its arsenal, the Lakers signed a former Washington Wizard, and much more. We’ll start with:

Is it any surprise that the Minnesota Timberwolves parted company with forward Andrei Kirilenko? It probably depends on if you’re a Kirilenko fan or not. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for AK-47 to find a new home as the Russian found a new home in Brooklyn.

While he didn’t get a megadeal with the Nets, he didn’t do too badly for himself, signing a two-year, $6.36 million deal. Interestingly enough, Minnesota was offering him a $10 million offer for the 2013-14 season. One can almost safely assume that Kirilenko is looking for a title as opposed to extra dollars in his bank account.

With the 32-year old now a Net, you can take at their roster and notice that while they look loaded with the addition of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry, age – to a certain degree – may play a factor in terms of how Brooklyn fares this season.


  • The Los Angeles Lakers, minus Metta World Peace, isn’t just standing around either. Remember Nick Young? Any knowledgeable NBA fan probably has. In any case, the shooting guard/small forward from USC and formerly with the Philadelphia 76ers has inked a deal with the Lakers. Terms of the transaction are unknown as of this posting.

This signing actually makes sense for the Lakers as the status of Kobe Bryant and his problematic Achilles tendon is uncertain. Suffice it to say, one can expect Young to get plenty of minutes while Bryant recuperates.


  • The prodigal son has returned to the Motor City.

You’re probably thinking that maybe Isaiah Thomas has returned to the Detroit Pistons in some capacity, right? If that’s what you thought, then you thought wrong. Joe Dumars and the Pistons’ braintrust isn’t that stupid.

What the Pistons did made a lot more sense than that. They actually signed Chauncey Billups to a two-year deal Thursday.

He gets to reunite with former Piston Rasheed Wallace and will presumably come off the bench. The 15-year veteran will likely do some mentoring of the point guards, as well. We can only hope that Billups stays relatively healthy, as he has played just 42 games in the last two seasons while with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Good luck to Dumars on this one.


And finally …

  • Ronny Turiaf has found another address to call home.

The Timberwolves, minus Andrei Kirilenko, added Turiaf to their roster, to the tune of two years and $3.2 million.

For rebounding purposes and in general a serviceable power forward, this signing may benefit Minnesota as they’re thin. How thin? Try rookie Gorgui Deng and Chris Johnson.

What I forsee unless a catastrophe occurs is that Turiaf will do what Reggie Evans does: Start the game, play about 7-9 minutes initially, then sit while the rookies take over. A baptism-by-fire, if you will.

Flip Saunders has his hands full in making sense of this Timberwolves roster.


Well folks, that’s it for now, but stay tuned to Pro Hoops Central for more free agency happenings as they occur!

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