Celtics Coach Brad Stevens, Boy Genius Or Big Bust?

Just how young is new Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens? The man who the “Green Team” will introduce at a press conference on Friday according to a report from the “Boston Globe,” was just 15-years-old when Larry Bird retired from the NBA. Although Stevens, has had an incredible run as the bench boss for Butler University; having success at the NCAA level, is no guarantee that success will follow a coach into the NBA. Most likely the Sports-Talk Shows in Boston on Wednesday, had Celtics fans recounting just how bad the squad was under their last former successful college coach, Rick Pitino.

The former University of Kentucky head coach perceived as the man who would put the club back in the NBA Finals, only to walk away from the job an abject failure. Unfortunately, Pitino was far from the only bench boss from the college ranks, who failed to cut it in the Association, just ask the Atlanta Hawks; a team that hired a series of college coaches who all found the pro game was a different animal, from what they expected. Kentucky coach John Calipari, tried to make the switch and found out his skill-set worked better in the NCAA.

It is well-known, that the college game coaching staffs dominate, while in the Association, the players have far more power in most cases than their bench boss. The reason is quite simple; in college the stars are usually on the team for a year, before declaring themselves eligible for the Draft. In the Association, the elite players get five-year pacts, while most coaches are given three-year deals.

One of the biggest barometers of his success or lack there of, will take place the first time tempestuous point guard Rajon Rondo gets in his new coach’s face shouting a string of expletives. As long as Boston retains Rondo and President Of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge, intends on doing that (well at least publicly,) he will be the centerpiece of the roster. If Stevens can not handle him, he might not last the length of his contract.

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