Ujiri Takes Over For Colangelo In Toronto … And Not A Moment Too Soon

Bryan Colangelo Masai Ujiri

NBA teams, not unlike other professional sports teams, make changes when the franchise is in a slump. The Toronto Raptors are no different in that respect.

Wednesday found now-former general manager Bryan Colangelo abruptly resigning from the team. Interestingly, he will retain some type of role with the franchise and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

Colangelo lost that position in May after the Raptors yet again missed the NBA playoffs – for the fifth consecutive season. Meanwhile, Toronto obtained Masai Ujiri from the Denver Nuggets, putting him in presumably as the GM of the team.

The move isn’t surprising, seing that the Raptors haven’t had any real success, despite the fact that he led the team to a division title in 2007. The beginning of the end came shortly thereafter.

Colangelo even realized a modicum of success while with the Phoenix Suns, earning an NBA Executive of the Year award in 2005.

The Raptors certainly cannot do any worse with Ujiri at the helm (I have my eye on you, Charlotte Bobcats). His track record with Denver speaks for itself, as he nabbed an NBA Executive of the Year award.

The 2013 NBA Draft will certainly test Ujiri’s skills as the Raptors are a mess. The team has potential, but it’s no fun being the person who has to resuscitate some much-needed life into a franchise.

Unless there’s an open bar in the Toronto war room, I expect Ujiri to do well during this year’s draft.


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