Bosh Says Lakers Are Better Than Heat “On Paper”

Although the Miami Heat, will enter the upcoming campaign as the reigning NBA champions, at least one member of their squad looks at an opponent as the team to beat next season. The “South Florida Sun Sentinel” reported that starting big man Chris Bosh told a Miami area radio station on Friday that he is very impressed with the moves the Los Angeles Lakers have made this summer.

The veteran was a guest on WQAM, Friday morning when he revealed his evaluation of clubs heading into next season. Bosh told his hosts “The Lakers, I think, right now, I mean on paper, they probably have the best team in the West and probably the league right now. On paper. I’m saying on paper. But it’s a lot, a lot, it’s a long season. And the best team always isn’t the one who starts out the season as the best team. We know we’re the champs, but we have to start off from scratch. We have a lot of chemistry building to do. And we have to come out there and we have to start over. We know favorites and all that stuff really doesn’t matter. It’s all about who’s standing at the top in June, after the season is over, and that’s all we care about. So we have to build toward that again.”

The Lakers have undergone a makeover during the summer, as they will have All-Star center Dwight Howard and veteran point guard Steve Nash, joining Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol in the team’s starting lineup. They will have their work cut out for them trying to return to the NBA Finals after a two-year absence, as they will have to beat out teams such as the Thunder, the Spurs and their co-tenants at the Staples Center the Clippers to play in the Big Dance.

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5 Responses to Bosh Says Lakers Are Better Than Heat “On Paper”

  1. LAkerLAnd says:

    LAkers all the way!!

  2. percy says:

    the lakers will have problems if ron artest dont step up i mean really step up they should win the west and another ring good luck lakers have fun

    • Jeff Sack says:

      I truly thought that Los Angeles would trade Metta World Peace this summer, as I believe he is more of a distraction to the club than an asset. He played the good soldier his first year with the Lakers, but the last two years he has reverted back to being a problem child, especially last season. Just when you think he has finally started to grow up, he loses focus once again! Thanks for the comment.

      Jeff Sack

  3. Raul says:

    Celtics all the way. All around they have the best bench in the NBA. Lakers do have the best starting four (with Howard, Kobe, Pau, Nash), but look at the bench of the C’s: Terry, Lee, Green & Wilcox combine for an average of 47.5 ppg. So when you mix it with KG, Pierce Rondo & Bradley they are the second best team in the East on paper, but do NOT count them out as possible 2013 Champs!!

    Celtics all the Way!

    • Jeff Sack says:


      If Garnett and Sullinger can stay healthy this season, I believe they may have the deepest team in the Eastern Conference. I will always admire and respect Ray Allen, who will be in the Basketball Hall Of Fame someday, but at this juncture, I would say J-Terry is an upgrade. Ainge did a great job this summer in the Draft and Free Agency; The Heat will not be hungry enough after winning it all last year. Brooklyn has made some great strides, but they need time together to become a true team before they can compete. Sixers have improved, not sure by how much, or if Bynum can stay healthy two-years straight. Knicks will be helped by the discipline of Camby and J-Kidd, which should keep Melo in check. Bulls are not close to the same team without Rose, Pacers could take step back this year after choking against the Heat in the Playoffs. Atlanta will be going through culture shock this season and the Magic will be anything but Magical this year. BIG BABY DAVIS, not close to ready to lead a team. Boston is vastly improved from the team that took the Heat to seven games this past season, I could easily see them winning the East. Thanks for the comment.

      Jeff Sack

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