Will He Stay Or Will He Go? Latest Dwight Howard Rumors Point To Dallas

Now is the summer of Dwight Howard’s discontent and for NBA observers, it is like seeing a wreck on the highway; no matter how much you want to look away, your eyes locked on the carnage. The newest chapter of the “Never-Ending Story” involves the Orlando Magic and the Dallas Mavericks according to “Fox Sports Southwest,” as they reported Mavericks General Manager Donnie Nelson revealed that he and Orlando G.M. have had recent discussions about a trade that could send Howard to Dallas. Nelson said that he and Hennigan would most likely have further talks on the subject, however he stressed that the two sides are nowhere near working out a deal that could put the All-Star center in a Mavericks uniform.

The big man reportedly had a meeting with Hennigan last week, in which he reiterated that he wants to be traded to another team before the beginning of the upcoming campaign. According to reports, he has stated that he would like to be traded to the Mavericks, Nets or Lakers, however Hennigan is under no obligation to send Howard to his preferred destinations. D-12, has repeatedly said that he will not sign a new contract until next summer, which lowers his trade value for Orlando.

Although Nelson admitted to reporters that the Mavericks do not possess the players to offer Orlando an enticing package in return for Howard, but they could help the Magic get rid of some unwanted contracts by taking Jason Richardson or Hedo Turkoglu in a trade. The one advantage that any team that Howard finishes the 2012-2013 campaign can offer him a five-year contract next summer, while the best any other teams can offer is a four-year deal.

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