Cuban And Nelson Best Get Ready To Face The Wrath Of Mavericks Fans

Mark Cuban, became succesful and wealthy at very young age, by trusting his instincts. He comes from a working-class family in Pittsburgh, the grandson of Russian immigrants. At the age of 25-years-old, he started his first company MicroSolutions, which was the first step in his becoming one of the 500 richest people on the planet, according to “Forbes Magazine” last year.

Cuban relied on his instincts, as well of those of Dallas Mavericks Team President Donnie Nelson, before the start of this past season, decimating the team that won the NBA Finals in June. He allowed Caron Butler, Jose Juan Barea and Tyson Chandler to leave the club as Free Agents to clear salary-cap space, gambling that he could entice point guard Deron Williams and center Dwight Howard to join his team this summer. So far the gamble is not paying off.

Williams announced that he will re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday and there is still a possibility that Howard could end up there as well. Tuesday brought more news that most likely riled Mavericks fans, as former Sixth Man Of The Year Jason Terry, committed to signing a three-year deal with the Boston Celtics on July 11. There are now reports that Dallas has lowered their sights, as they are trying to sign veteran Steve Nash and former Mavericks cast-off Jeremy Lin to deals for the upcoming campaign.

This can not be playing well with fans of the franchise. I have a friend who is a rabid Mavericks fan, whom I believe just might own a Donnie Nelson Voodoo Doll, that he is most likely sticking needles in, as I write this column. My friend, was none too happy when the team allowed the three players to land with other teams and most likely the news that has come out over the last couple of days has put a damper on his celebrating our Nation’s birth.

The good news is that the Mavericks now have all sorts of salary-cap space that they could use to make a deal before the NBA trade deadline, or next summer. The bad news however, is the way things are shaping up the Mavericks are going to have another season that will disappoint their fans; when if they had left their roster intact by signing Barea, Butler and Chandler, they would have had a shot at defeating the Miami Heat for the second year in a row in the NBA Finals.

Cuban is a huge fan of the game, a hands-on owner who has gotten himself in hot water many times with the Association front office for airing his views. He has always been loved by the Mavericks fans and probably could have won a race for Mayor of Dallas, after the Mavericks won the first Championship in team history last year. However, he is going to have to face the music soon and lame excuses, such as he allowed Tyson Chandler to sign with the Knicks due to the new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, won’t wash. Dallas had the “Bird Rights” for all three of the players and could have re-signed them without being penalized with a Luxury Tax.

The Mavericks brain-trust rolled the dice and as of this moment it looks like they ended up with snake-eyes. It’s time for Cuban to tell the fans that his plan does not seem to be working, unless he and Nelson can pull off some sort of trade that re-infuses the franchise.

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5 Responses to Cuban And Nelson Best Get Ready To Face The Wrath Of Mavericks Fans

  1. Dusty says:

    Freakin Mark Cubin man….you wait this long for a championship and they don’t go out and get defeated by another team…it’s the damn owner…Im really really disappointed.

  2. cj rowden says:

    Dusty hit it dead on the nail all cubin….man what is dirk thinking?

  3. Kris says:

    As Bad as this FA period is, it could be worse. Dallas could have resigned all it’s players 2 years ago. Lets face it had Dallas kept its title team intact it would have still lost to the thunder in 6, that team had no right with the talent it had to even make it to the finals much less win. Dallas only won because of a colective DESPERATION from its vets who knew it was their only and possibly last chance at a title.

  4. Mavfan says:

    With basically all the great to good players locked up for the next 3 to 5 years,I see the next 4 to 5 years far worse then this past season.We may be going back to the Mavericks of the 80’s lol thanks to these bone head moves.I cannot believe Cuban and Nelson have made these critical mistakes 2 years in a row.No play offs,not even close for this team for a while.

    • Jeff Sack says:

      As I wrote in the column MAVFAN, they rolled the dice and it came up snake-eyes. I feel badly for You and your fellow Mavericks supporters. I have to disagree with what Kris wrote, as the Mavericks would not have been the seventh seed in the West had they kept their roster intact. Cuban and Nelson made one pass too many and the ball was stolen by the opposition.

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