Magic Coach Van Gundy Laughs Off Notion That Kentucky Could Top Wizards

For those who bemoan the fact that we live in an era of “Political Correctness” Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy must be a refreshing change of pace. The Magic bench boss never curves his punches and always says what ever is on his mind; a quality that has earned him both fans and foes during his time in the Association. Van Gundy never ducks a controversial issue when it is posed to him by a member of the media; and whether you agree or disagree with his viewpoints, you have to give him respect for standing behind his convictions.

Wednesday the Orlando head coach was asked about the statement made by former Maryland head coach Gary Williams, that the University Of Kentucky, a member of this weekend’s NCAA Final Four, could defeat the Washington Wizards. According to the “Associated Press”  the Magic bench boss wasted no time telling media members just how ridiculous William’s pronouncement was.

Van Gundy told reporters “Look, it’s absurd. I mean, people will say, ‘Oh, Kentucky, you know’s, got four NBA players.’ Yeah, well the other team’s got 13. “Could anything happen on a one-night thing? I mean, I suppose, you have major upsets all the time. So, maybe, but it’d be rare and in a series it’d be a joke. It wouldn’t be close. That’s just the way it is. John Calipari’s got a lot of talent; he does not have 13 NBA players. He just doesn’t. And even if those guys all are, they’re all NBA rookies. I mean, when has that ever been a success in the NBA? So, no, they’re not going to win.”

It is not very often that the Magic head coach and this reporter find themselves on the same side of an issue; but Van Gundy is spot on with his analysis. Williams allowed his enthusiasm for a good college team to make an absolutely ludicrous statement; and Van Gundy called him on it. As the Orlando head coach points out; sheer numbers would doom the collegiate squad right from the start. Perhaps Williams will think twice before he once again engages in hyperbole.

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