D-Rose Ticked Off At Celebration By Pacers After Beating Bulls Wednesday

The Chicago Bulls had an 8-0 record at the United Center going into their game Wednesday night as they hosted the Indiana Pacers. Although the Bulls had their chances to keep their home record perfect at 9-0; they lost the contest to the Pacers 95-90. It hurts to lose any game, more painful when you lose at home and to see their streak come to and end on Wednesday must have hurt right to the bone.

ESPN.com” has reported that reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose was upset by his club’s loss; however what really stuck in his craw was the way that the Pacers celebrated after their victory. The Bulls All-Star point guard told reporters “I’ll never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game. I can’t wait to play them again.”

Rose has been injured with a case of “turf-toe” over the past couple of weeks, and as I wrote up top; I realize how painful the loss was for his team. However, could Rose be that thin-skinned that a celebration by the opposing team could get him so upset? Was it the pain from his body that caused him to overreact; or was it the pain from the loss?

The Pacers acted like a little brother who finally wins a game against his big brother. The Bulls have dominated the team from Indiana and defeated the club in the first round of the Playoffs last year. In order for the Pacers to progress they will have to get through the Bulls most likely at some point in the Post Season to have a chance to go to the NBA Finals. The victory for the squad at the United Center was their first step in completing their task. Is it any wonder they celebrated so exuberantly?

I am an extremely competitive man in all facets of my life; I truly despise losing with every fiber of my being. That being said; I have never been angry at an opponent if they beat me. Instead I get upset with myself and my teammates for not getting the job done. Derrick should have had a talk with Indiana Team President Larry Bird after the final buzzer. The Hall Of Fame player never fired back at his opponent through the press. Instead he responded on the court the next time his team played the club that beat them. That’s the way true champions react.

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  1. chris mitchell says:

    He should be pissed, that’s his house, and they talked ish!! JORDAN didn’t play that! Neither should ROSE!

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