Baron On New York City: "I Always Wanted To Play Here"

The New York Knicks hope that they acquired their eventual starting point guard on Monday as the “New York Post” has reported that the club signed former All-Star Baron Davis to a one year deal. The veteran signed with the team for the minimum veteran salary; he was paid $28 million by his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers after they released him via the “NBA Amnesty Clause” last week. Davis told reporters that he has had a long-time desire to play in the spotlight of the world’s biggest media market. He said “I always wanted to play here. This is a place I always wanted to play, and I always kind of rise to the occasion when I play against the Knicks and in the Garden, so it’s an unbelievable opportunity, and I’m ready to accept the challenge.”

The longtime floor general is nowhere near being ready to take to the court at the present time as he is suffering from two bulging discs in his back. He does not believe that he will need to undergo surgery to alleviate the pain, although he most likely will not be able to play for 8-10 weeks. The veteran told reporters that he can not wait to get back on the hardwood. He said “Right now it’s 8-10 weeks, or whatever they’ve been saying, but for me it’s just taking one day at a time to improve and get ready and get as close as I possibly can to get back as early as I possibly can.”

If he is healthy, Davis has a very good shot at becoming the starter at the point for New York; replacing Toney Douglas who is the projected starter. Veteran Mike Bibby is his current backup. Baron is looking forward to playing with perhaps the best starting front-court in the Association; as the Knicks now have added center Tyson Chandler to the tandem of Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.

Davis told media members “You just think about two 20-plus scorers on the front line, and then you have Tyson Chandler, who is a defensive stopper and a great defensive leader, you have the right complements. They all complement each other well, and for me, it will be great for me to get out there and play with guys at that talent level, guys who have always proven themselves and can do it on their own.”

While he is not the player he once was; and certainly below the standards of former Knicks starting point guard Chauncey Billups, a healthy Baron Davis can be a strong asset for the Knickerbockers. He can assume the starter’s job and mentor Douglas to help him understand the game better.

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