Mavericks To Lose Another Key Player; J.J. Barea Close To Four Year Deal With T-Wolves

Where in the world is the real Mark Cuban and who is the imposter that has taken his place for the last few weeks. After years of being contenders the Dallas Mavericks finally grabbed the “Brass Ring” last June, winning their first NBA Title as they defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Since Free Agency began last Friday in the Association, the Mavericks have been losing key players as they attempt to make a run at defending their crown. First they lost Caron Butler to the Los Angeles Clippers and then on Saturday they watched as their former center Tyson Chandler was introduced as the newest member of the New York Knicks.

It appears that more bad news is on the horizon for Mavericks fans; as “” reported Monday that according to their sources the Minnesota Timberwolves are very close to signing Dallas guard Jose Juan Barea to a four-year deal. No other terms of the deal are known at this time. Barea became a fan favorite during last season’s Post Season with his stirring performance and was put in the starting lineup for the NBA Finals. He had wanted to return to the Mavericks, however the team only offered him a one year deal.

Minnesota would seem a strange choice for Barea to choose as his new home as the team is stocked full of guards. Ricky Rubio has joined the team after finally leave the Euro-Leagues and Spain at the end of last season. Veteran guard Luke Ridnour could soon find himself on the selling block; perhaps finding himself in New York as the Knicks are in desperate need of help in their backcourt.

Dallas Team Owner Mark Cuban, who has been always open and upfront with Mavericks fans has been strangely reticent since the dismantling of his Championship squad began. Is Cuban trying to clear enough cap space that his team could become serious suitors for Chris Paul or Dwight Howard as they seek new long-term homes? If that is not the case exactly what are he and General Manager Donnie Nelson trying to accomplish. Cuban has done whatever it takes to get his what ever it needed to remain competitive; it makes little sense that he is allowing his team to be picked apart unless he has a plan in mind.

Hopefully Cuban will soon make the Dallas fans privy to the method of his madness. Until that happens; I send out a plea to all die-hard Mavericks fans such as my friend Robbo to stay away from sharp objects, especially razor blades.

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